In Season 1 of Success Sisters , Jordi , founder of SUCCESS SISTERS , serves as the liaison between the ladies and THE COUNSEL . In the midst of helping the ladies achieve their goals, she’ll have to be sure take care of her own business! Jordi’s ready to take her empire to another real of success by introducing a new product line . We will get an inside view of her negotiations on the product line deal with international distributor who happens to be her friend . Will she let her friendship get in the way of doing good, smart business? Not if super lawyer Counsel Gerrit Pronske and Karen Scoffery can help it!

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Jordi Bostock 


Success Sisters



Self-proclaimed Mompreneur  juggles managing home, business and family while still making time for friends. Counsel Joanne challenges Kelli to transition her business into a new model and strategy. Kelli travels with the ladies to San Jose and meet with Counsel Karen and Arvand as they continue to stretch her out of her comfort zone!

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Kelli Calabrese

Best Selling Author,

Speaker & Trainer




She’s been recognized within her industry and community with some of her accolades including the International Black Broadcasters (IBBA) Lifetime Achievement Award (2013), winner of The Elite News Communications Award (2014), Shades of Success Honoree (2014), Dallas Local Love Pioneer Award (2017 ) and was named one of the Top 25 Women in Dallas by Rolling out Magazine . Although that seems like a lot, this powerhouse is just getting started! Now that her show is syndicated, this Success Sister sets her eyes on having her own talk show! We’ll watch as Jeff Crilley & Chris Howell mentors her into the world of television!

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Dede McGuire

Entrepreneur &

Syndicated Radio Host 

"Dede in the Mornings"



Amy is ready to launch her new product with a nationwide campaign, Raise Your Glass Dallas and scale her business to greater heights. Amy struggles to find balance between her busy schedule, her dentist husband and young daughter. Amy and her husband meet with Counsel Joanne Moretti to make sure their business is maximizing all opportunities.  

Joanne invites the ladies to San Jose where Amy has the opportunity to have a mentor session at the Blue Sky Innovation center to discuss valuable possible solutions for her supply chain.

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Amy Hampton

Owner Sociology Wine


Bridgett is over the moon at her success as a celebrity makeup artist. Focused on growing her beauty empire, with her new makeup line Glamour RX, her challenge is finding more effective ways to leverage her relationships, market and expand while making time for motherhood with her new baby . Bridgett connects with Counsel Joanne Moretti who blows her mind by taking her to the Blue Sky facility in San Jose, exposing her to amazing packaging and a new marketing strategy . Counsel Joanne teaches Bridgett how to scale her product and data transformation

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Bridgett Washington

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Owner GlamourrX




Danyel is more determined than ever to build her Powerhandz empire through innovative technology as well as expanding her products to another level . Managing her team, time, empire and family is no easy feat, but she’s not alone . Danyel, and her husband Darnel, are the epitome of the term ‘Power Couple’ . He’s not only her husband but also her business partner . Finding quality time with her little mini -me, fashionista daughter, Hartley Rose, and adorable son is a must . Question is, how does she do it all? Danyel joins Jordi, Bridget and Joanne on a fun trip, to the Blue Sky Facility in San Jose in attempt to discover new technology .

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Danyel Surrency- Jones





Dr. JESSICA SHEPHERD is an engaging, outgoing and with a well-established practice in Dallas that is attracting attention across the U.S. and internationally on television, radio, print and social media. She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, the Steve Harvey Show, CBS Up To The Minute, FOX NY/Dallas/LA, Good Day New York, Good Day

In addition to her impressive platform, she's a wife and mother of 2! Jessica teams up with Kelli to continue the business of wellness awareness. 

With such a busy schedule, how can you be everywhere at once?! Counsel Jeff Crilley offer mentorship advice and PR tips to make her life easier.

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Dr. Jessica Shepherd




Tatianna & Bridgett work together to launch her new studio location. This feat is not without last minute challenges! Will she be ready in time?!

She also joins the Success Sisters on a trip to Jamaica for some fun in the sun and to check out a beautiful hotel for sale. Tatianna considers investing with her Success Sisters. Jordi  challenges her  to jump off cliffs, climb waterfalls and ride horses in water (which was a disaster)! You don't want to miss this!



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Tatianna Francesconi

Owner True FX Studios



Tavia takes a much needed break from business and travels with the Success Sisters to Jamaica. Will she invest in the hotel as well?


Jordi and Tatianna attempts to get 

Tavia to join them in the watery challenges and Tavia is having none of it! She does, however, found time to slip in a photo shoot!


Tavia and Kelli bonds as she gives her sisterly support regarding her impending divorce. 

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Tavia Whitlowe

Photographer, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Blogger